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Greetings and welcome to Hello Porcelain! You've stumbled into my tiny corner of the internet (aka this blog) where I showcase my love for unique fashion, great beauty products, and other things that catch my interest- like that summer travel post you're dying to read, hint hint ;).

The content on Hello Porcelain is created weekly with an eccentric flair, targeted towards free spirits and those who push the limits of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Anything else is just boring, and at Hello Porcelain I don't do boring.

If you look at the About  section on this blog you can read lots of cool facts about me and get to know who I am, but I'm about to list a few facts about myself anyways. Cool? Cool.

  • My name is Sarah and my initials actually spell the word "sea" :)
  • I am a student at Mississippi State University 
  • Born and raised in Mississippi for almost 20 years
  • Even though I've always lived in MS, I love travel!!
  • Did I mention I love traveling?
  • This is my second blog (first was Paint it Rogue)

All the cool kids follow me on social media, so please hop on over to my Twitter, Bloglovin, and Instagram to show some love. I return the favor! :)

Thanks for the read xoxo

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  1. Ahhh welcome to the world of blogging lovely ^_^ I can't wait for your feature content!! <3
    Thank you so much for following me and your sweet comment on my blog! (followed you back!)
    Kinga xx